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~ Buy or rent your home from the best people in Ljubljana without paying as a tourist.
~ Buy or lease your vehicles.
~ Find the right legal experts.
~ Let us help you cut through the red tape when dealing with local government or businesses.
~ We will get you operating quicker and at a lower cost.
~ Find the right financial institution to meet your needs.
Get your child into the best school that will take care of them as if you were there.
~ Find the best medical care for you and your family.
~ Establish your business in Ljubljana.
~ Providing all the local knowledge that is crucial to settling into a new city.
~ We know the best places to shop and where to dine out.
We know the top nanny services and domestic help providers.


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Cubo Restaurant

CUBO is a small but ambitious restaurant in Ljubljana. Many things have changed in the past ten years: we have expanded the restaurant, completely redecorated i...Read More

Gostilna ČAD

We await your visit in a green oasis within reach of downtown Ljubljana, surrounded by wonderful nature where summers are spent in the pleasant shade of ancient...Read More

Valvas’or Restaurant

Valvas’or is a restaurant located at Stari trg 7, Ljubljana. It owes its name to the famous Slovene man Janez Vajkard Valvazor, who was born in the house across...Read More

AS Restaurant

Somewhere between Wolfova and Slovenska cesta in Ljubljana there stands a tree that symbolizes growth, tradition, integration and family. Interwoven with symbol...Read More

Grand Union Café

A popular choice for anyone who loves special little treats such as Turkish coffee served from cezve pots, the house-made pies and cakes, the Wine Library with ...Read More

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legal help.....

UniCredit Bank

We at UniCredit are committed to generating value for our customers. As a leading European bank we are dedicated to the development of the communities in which ...Read More


 is One-stop-shop for tailor-made internationalisation services in one place. Company registration, working&living permits, real estate investments, VAT reg...Read More

Neža Dular – lawyer

Mag. Neža Dular deals with civil law, in particular contract law and tort law, family, inheritance, property law, land law, labor and social law.  



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