BMW A-Cosmos diplomatic and corporate sales center

When planning your car park it is necessary to take into account a series of different conditions and requirements. Why BMW is the right choice for you? Because our values are your values. A-Cosmos d.d. is an exclusive BMW car dealer for diplomatic, consular representations and corporate customers in Slovenia. A one-stop service for all the information regarding purchase of your BMW. We offer special conditions and discount for diplomatic and corporate customers.  

Autocommerce Mercedes-Benz

Autocommerce, besides the sale of vehicles also offers services such as maintenance, insurance, registration, car rentals, car tyre services, technical inspections and operating leases. With a comprehensive range of sales and after-sales services we realized the buyer’s wishes.

Porsche Center Ljubljana

Porsche Center Ljubljana is the right place to explore the Porsche model range for a test drive or final personalization of your own Porsche. With the purchase of a Porsche, a dynamic and lasting relationship will begin with us.

Volkswagen Center Ljubljana

What makes one dealership stand out among the many who want your business? For us here at Porsche Ljubljana, we think it’s about creating an environment that’s relaxed, friendly, and informative. People come to us not only to shop, but to learn about the models and technologies that are offered in today’s vehicles and to perform research for future purchases.  

Audi Center Ljubljana

“Vorsprung durch Technik” – The mobility of tommorow. Intelligent products, solutions and great service. That is the principle we follow at Porsche Verovškova, only Audi Center in Ljubljana.