Lukanovič Dental Services

  Lukanovič Dental Services is a dental center offering complete dental care and rehabilitation. Tomaž Lukanovič, DDS, who heads Lukanovič Dental Services, started his career at the Ljubljana Healthcare Center, where he obtained his first dental experience. After spending several years there, he decided to continue pursuing his path and vision at his own private dental center in Ljubljana. He invited Eneja Vovnik, DDS and David Vozlič, DDS, MD (specialization: maxillofacial surgery) to work with him, and together they created a team that is able to take on the most demanding dental rehabilitation challenges. Lukanovič Dental Services offers a full range of comprehensive patient care: from conservative periodontal procedures, gum treatment and maintenance, and endodontic procedures to ...

Zorman Plastic Surgery Clinic

  A Boutique Plastic Surgery Clinic with the Highest Standards of Expertise After years of work in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, consultant plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Peter Zorman, MD, realized his vision of creating a personal clinic with the highest level of expertise. With a team of highly dedicated professionals, their aim is not becoming the biggest clinic, but rather offering safe, proven and effective treatments for individual patients and enabling them to spend enough time with their surgeon to express their concerns and become well informed about their options. The clinic offers a selection of more and less invasive procedures, always keeping their focus on the quality of the final result and safety of the patient. Because they are aware that superior...

Insurance Company VZAJEMNA, D.V.Z.

  WHY CHOOSE VZAJEMNA, D.V.Z. Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica, d.v.z., is the largest specialised insurance company in Slovenia, with many years of experience in health insurance. Although our mutuality-based form of organisation is regarded as unique in Slovenia, it is common within the wider European environment. It is founded on solidarity and intergenerational cooperation, both of which are especially important at the present time. Vzajemna takes care of your health security and offers a comprehensive range of health and accident insurance products. Our free-of-charge programme Varuh zdravja enables prevention activities for our insurance holders to promote health and encourage the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Programme members can avail themselves of numerous services and b...

Physiotherapy Corpus Ljubljana

…where motion turns into art and science justifies its purpose… Yes, better motion, better joints, better spine and no pain. All of that is our mission to put you in better life. More than 15 years of experience in all fields of physiotherapy, the better manual treatments and 100% individual approach. Name it we manage it… Izidor Ivanović, PT, expert in manual therapies and post operational conditions.

Strah Diagnostic Centre

Twenty years of work in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics, continuing education at home and abroad, the birth of a daughter and son and having decided to work in a different way the founder established the self-paid private gynaecological operations Strah Diagnostic Centre. In a quiet intimate setting where the woman will be safe, listened to, thoroughly examined and surrounded by new hope. For their gynaecological health or the health of the unborn child during pregnancy. The Diagnostic Centre uses superb ultrasound and gynecological equipment and in-depth expertise.      

Barsos Medical Centre

Expertise, professionalism, kindness and courage are the qualities that distinguish our doctors and medical staff, which today care for hundreds of patients. Barsos Medical Centre was the first private clinic in Ljubljana and so has a long tradition of excellence. We were also the first Slovenian contractor to provide health services tailored for diplomats. Barsos has enjoyed many successful years working with foreigners and our staff is fluent in English and several other languages. Our doctors are experts in their fields; many of them are acknowledged specialists and consultants at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. One of the distinct advantages of our clinic is that patients have the majority of health services and specialist examinations located in one place. Special emphasis...