Personal services

Real estate, Roni

  We are a team of well-established experts and real estate agents and the very first real estate studio with its own audio and video production. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our personal approach, which help us in achieving our goals-the satisfaction and safety of our clients. We are well aware of the stress that comes with selling or buying a realestate and that is why we put emphasis on a good and continuous communication with our customers. While we stay true to our beliefs and values, we are flexible and adaptable to the needs of those we work with, even if that means constantly coming up with new ways of dealing with our tasks. We believe our success depends greatly on gaining the respect and trust of our clients, which is why our every move is carefully ...

Residential and business moving company, Selitve.si

  The moving company SELITVE.SI specializes in small deliveries and in-town door-to-door transports as well as international residential and business moves. Along with comprehensive turn-key moving solutions, they also provide rentals of vehicles and moving equipment. SELITVE.SI pays great attention to the wishes of its customers and provides the most favourable moving solutions tailored to you.

Optika Sever

  The opticians Optika Sever bring to its customers over 28 years of highly professional, dedicated experience. In 1990, Gregor Sever – then the youngest entrepreneur in the Gorenjska region — opened his first shop in Skofja Loka. His next premises opened ‪on Vodnikova 187, Ljubljana‬, at the Koseze Farmers’ Market. This store also serves as an outlet shop, offering its customers breath-taking discounts of up to 70% on high-end designer brands. Nine years ago, Gregor set up another shop at ‪Trg Komandanta Staneta 8‬ in Siska, Ljubljana. As in Skofja Loka, the clients here receive a comprehensive service, ranging from a standard eye test or check-up to a fully bespoke examination and consultation. The team’s guiding principles are, above all, professionalism, quality, famil...

ROUNDABOUT Travel your way

  We are a team of colleagues who in 2005 after 9 years of working in the tourism business decided it was time to fill a vacancy in the Slovene incoming tourism activity. By joining our enthusiasm, experience and practice we found out a way to accustom them to the Slovene market and its target audience. A new agency was born which offers travelers to discover Slovenia at tremendously reasonable prices, but what is most important in an extremely original and flexible way.  At the very beginning we organized trips for smaller groups of foreign guests under the brand Roundabout Travel. By working successfully and realizing every trip we achieved the largest market share in tourism activity in organizing trips for foreigners traveling around Slovenia. Our future goal is to enlarge our act...