Legal help and Finance

Legal help and Finance

Betterlifestyle will advise on those banking institutions and financial professionals best positioned to assist with your specific needs.

Residency status, visas, company registration, and naturalization issues are addressed with minimum fuss, on top of which we offer translation expertise between Slovenian and English.

Allow Betterlifestyle to handle employment agencies and their services; and we will also sort out your company and domestic insurance matters.

Legal Experts

Private Banking at ABANKA – Professional and comprehensive management of your assest

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Complete business support

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Neža Dular – lawyer

Mag. Neža Dular deals with civil law, in particular contract law and tort law, family, inheritance, property law, land law, labor and social law.  

Our team are enthusiastic, professional locals who have lived abroad extensively and have experience in the international and diplomatic environment. Each is passionate about Ljubljana and has experienced that ‘jolt’ which settling into a new city always holds for individuals and families.Contact us on email: