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12th International Mountain Film Festival at Cankarjev dom

  FRI, 26 February, – FRI, 2 March 2018 12th International Mountain Film Festival A selection of national and international mountain and adventure films; L...Read More

Cankarjev dom / On Body and Soul, 2017 Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear Award

  16–25 February, at 19.00 On Body and Soul Teströl és lélekröl Golden Bear, Berlinale 2017 By: Ildiko Enyedi Hungary, 2017, 116′ Through the metapho...Read More

Nina & Valentin, designed floral gifts

  Create a “wow” moment with our flowers and gifts. Whether it’s a thoughtful bouquet of birthday flowers or romantic Bucket of Love flow...Read More

Zlatarna Celje, it’s Jewellery time

  Zlatarna Celje is a family owned company. The company’s activity relies on three segments – JEWELLERY – which is representing the large...Read More

Apartment Betterlifestyle in the heart of Ljubljana

  In a completely rebuild apartment in a heart of city we have a spacious apartment in a quiet building beside everything that is worth seeing in Ljubljana...Read More

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