Warm december wishes and happy 2021!

Year 2020 was challenging in many ways. It was year of words such as “challenge,” “hardship” and “crisis”. It was year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks and anxiety. But for all the hardship this year ushered in, 2020 has also provided a unique opportunity to reflect. To stop for a while and appreciate the little things. To appreciate our »old normality« and to recreate our »new normality«. In #Betterlifestyle team we belive in good life lessons, positivism and bright future. 2020 will be remembered as an unpredictable year when we remade how we structure our lives and interact with each other. It was a year of reflection and tons of time to think about what changes we need to make in our personal lives, businesses and communities. It was also year of creativity and gratitude.Lif...