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Where to find the best Wellnes experience in Ljubljana? Sense Wellness Spa – Our new Partner

Where to find the best Wellnes experience in Ljubljana? Sense Wellness Spa – Our new Partner

Sense Wellness Spa is simply heaven on Earth when it comes to relaxation and regeneration. You can find one in the underground of Austrian Trend Hotel and one at the top of Union Hotel! Both of them are beyond amazing when it comes to treatments, staff and intimacy.

Indulge yourself in the nurturing environment whilst calming and cleansing your senses and inner being. Sense Wellness has a wholesome approach to revitalisation and care of your body, offering a fusion of the finest and most effective traditional and modern massages, as well as techniques from all over the world – from Thailand to Hawaii.  Sense Wellness Club at Austrian Trend Hotel also offers Turkish, Finnish and Bio sauna, a luxurious whirlpool, ice, chill-out plaza and VIP residence, where they perform treatments for couples who want more exclusivity and intimacy.

One of the most amazing things when it comes to Sense Wellness Club at Union Hotel is definitely luxury Penthouse pool with open terrace with a view of the Castle. You can also enjoy yourself in the Finnish/Bio sauna and infra sauna. In case you want to have some extra privacy you can enjoy a VIP room with a perfect massage bath, infra sauna and massage treatments just for two.

The staff will greet you with amazing hospitality and really make you feel pleasant and relaxed. Take time for yourself and enjoy heavenly pampering at Sense Wellness Spa at Austrian Trend Hotel or Union Hotel!

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