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Zlatarna Celje, it’s Jewellery time

Zlatarna Celje, it’s Jewellery time


Zlatarna Celje is a family owned company. The company’s activity relies on three segments – JEWELLERY – which is representing the largest and most important part, DENTAL and INDUSTRY. Each of them having its own independence and responsibilities.  The jewellery programme is divided into Zlatarna Celje, which stands for high quality golden jewellery and Lencia, which stands for high quality silver jewellery. The development is unified under one roof, with each programme having its own marketing and sales services. The company also has a unified maintenance service.



The foundation stone of Zlatarna Celje was laid in 1844. Before the First World War, Zlatarna Celje was the largest jewellery company in the entire Austro – Hungarian monarchy. By declaring its independence and transition to market economy, Slovenia experienced a necessity for changes in technology, marketing and most of all a necessity in new investments, which would assure competitiveness of the industry in the world.

Therefore, in 2003 Zlatarna Celje acquired one of the largest Austrian jewellery manufacturer, the trademark LENCIA. With the acquisition of this already established and well-known trademark, Zlatarna Celje not only promoted its presence in foreign markets, such as the countries of former Yugoslavia, Austria and Russia, but also expanded to other European and Asian markets. Nowadays, the company with all its enterprises employs more than 400 employees and its annual turnover is around 50 million euro. Zlatarna Celje has its stores in cities all over Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Poland and elsewhere in Europe, all together more than 100. The main focus of Zlatarna Celje still remains tradition, top quality, craftsmanship, and recognizable design.


Competitiveness is not the main reason for staying up-to-date and constant development, but predominantly the desire and requirement of our customers. We strive to devote greatest attention to our clients, to offer them professional advice and to always be respectful and kind to them. For clients with the highest desires and requirements, we offer unique jewellery to meet their needs.

Tradition and quality are principle concerns in Zlatarna Celje. Our advantage is in the sheer variety of our range and our main objective is to deliver satisfaction to our customers. All of our dedication, energy and skills are directed to reaching the world’s elite group of jewellery producers. We believe in our development potential. Our future is established on a well defined business strategy, high professionalism of our master goldsmiths and our sophisticated technology.






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