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Where to find the best grill specialties in Ljubljana?

Where to find the best grill specialties in Ljubljana?

Do you love active time in the nature and delicious food? Well, than we have just perfect plan for you! As locals we love to spend our Weekends with our friends and family somewhere in the nature. Usually we like to take a walk to Rožnik and stop for a lunch in Čad Restaurant afterwards.

If you are searching for the best grill specialties in Ljubljana there is no doubt where to go: RESTAURANT ČAD is a restaurant with a long tradition; since year 1889 to be exact. The cuisine is based on grilled dishes made using true charcoal, the distinctive mark of the restaurant.

Why we love this restaurant so much?

Prime location:

Restaurant is located in the downtown Ljubljana, surrounded by wonderful nature where Summers are spent in the pleasant shade of ancient chestnut trees and Winters offer the warm comfort of the crackling fireplace. We absolutely love their open terrace, it’s just perfect for any kind of reunions or celebrations. 


The essence of Čad cuisine is the grill in its pristine form, fueled by true charcoal that gives dishes a characteristic and recognizable flavour. Pljeskavica, a juicy Balkan-style burger dressed with kajmak cream or cheese, čevapčiči minced meat sausages, foal steak, smoked grilled stripes of pork loin, Rožnik home sausage, home-baked lepinja bread, Serbian salad, grilled pepper salad and prebranac baked beans are but a small sample of the traditional Čad hospitality offer that has become synonymous with excellence.

Of course, there is much more. They offer various soups, stews, sarma cabbage wraps with minced meat, venison, many kinds of steak… Lovers of vegetables will enjoy their savory cabbage pie zeljanica, vegetables on a spit, vegetable platters, rolls, gibanica salty layer cake…While their most popular desserts include Rožnik house-style pancakes, diplomat’s omelet, sour cherry strudel and Prekmurje layer cake or prekmurska gibanica, the quintessential Slovenian pastry.

GOOD TO KNOW: They aaccept orders for business lunches or dinner events, anniversaries, weddings and other festivities.O rganized companies of up to 120 persons may be accommodated. Parking space is always available. Groups traveling by bus are welcome as well. Visit their WEBSITE for more.

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