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Did you know how many Castles are in Slovenia?

Did you know how many Castles are in Slovenia?


In Slovenia there is about five hundred picturesque castles, sitting atop as crowns to many Slovenian cities. There you can feel the history of this beautiful fairy tale country.

Most of them are restored into museums,restaurants, galleries and some of them even in five star Hotels. All are evidence of Slovenian rich history. Slovenian top five castles we recommend for you to visit are

• Ljubljana Castle, a powerful medieval fortress that dominates the skyline of Slovenia’s capital city and offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the whole city.

• Bled Castle that stands on a steep cliff above Lake Bled .The image of Bled castle above the lake, with its romantic little island and church, is a classic view of Bled that is recognised as one of the most beautiful lakes in the World.

• Predjama Castle is the largest cave castle in the World, and has been officially recognised as such by Guinness World Records.

• Otocec Castle, the only “water castle” in Slovenia, stands on an island in the middle of the River Krka in the beautiful countryside of the Dolenjska region.

• Ptuj Castle, stands on a hill above the town of Ptuj, and is built on the remains of a Roman temple. Owing to its strategic position, the castle played a very important role in the Middle Ages.


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