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Health insurance in Slovenia: A guide for expats

Although it’s a very important task, organising insurance in Slovenia is far from an easy one. Actually, due to the complexity of the system, providing health insurance in Slovenia is at the very top of our most frequently requested services. So we’ve teamed up with our trusted partner Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica, the largest specialized insurance company in Slovenia, and prepared this guide through a comprehensive range of Slovenian health and accident insurance products. We hope it will answer all of your questions and help you find the best option available. If you have any dilemmas, please let us know in the comments below or contact our insurance expert who will suggest the best possible option for your needs. PUBLIC HEALTH INSURANCE The area of healthcare and health insurance ...

Why you should move to Ljubljana

  We’ve all been there. Not in Ljubljana, but on that magical high caused by the excitement of travel that makes us say: “I could totally live here”, as the new city seduces us with the promise of new flavours, smells and inhabitants. With years, you learn to resist the urge and grow to appreciate travel for what it is – a sweet platonic relationship, short-term romantic affair that wasn’t meant to be put to test of harsh realities, in this case the bureaucratic & cultural difficulties of starting life anew at a destination that only yesterday seemed so unquestionably perfect. Ljubljana, however, keeps climbing the lists of best places to live in as it extends its welcoming embrace to a growing number of expats. As an expat myself, enamoured with its ...

Real estate, Roni

  We are a team of well-established experts and real estate agents and the very first real estate studio with its own audio and video production. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our personal approach, which help us in achieving our goals-the satisfaction and safety of our clients. We are well aware of the stress that comes with selling or buying a realestate and that is why we put emphasis on a good and continuous communication with our customers. While we stay true to our beliefs and values, we are flexible and adaptable to the needs of those we work with, even if that means constantly coming up with new ways of dealing with our tasks. We believe our success depends greatly on gaining the respect and trust of our clients, which is why our every move is carefully ...

Residential and business moving company, Selitve.si

  The moving company SELITVE.SI specializes in small deliveries and in-town door-to-door transports as well as international residential and business moves. Along with comprehensive turn-key moving solutions, they also provide rentals of vehicles and moving equipment. SELITVE.SI pays great attention to the wishes of its customers and provides the most favourable moving solutions tailored to you.

Optika Sever

  The opticians Optika Sever bring to its customers over 28 years of highly professional, dedicated experience. In 1990, Gregor Sever – then the youngest entrepreneur in the Gorenjska region — opened his first shop in Skofja Loka. His next premises opened ‪on Vodnikova 187, Ljubljana‬, at the Koseze Farmers’ Market. This store also serves as an outlet shop, offering its customers breath-taking discounts of up to 70% on high-end designer brands. Nine years ago, Gregor set up another shop at ‪Trg Komandanta Staneta 8‬ in Siska, Ljubljana. As in Skofja Loka, the clients here receive a comprehensive service, ranging from a standard eye test or check-up to a fully bespoke examination and consultation. The team’s guiding principles are, above all, professionalism, quality, famil...

Restaurant Atelje / Simple, but refined

  Based on a treasury of masterpieces thought up by the top master chef Jorg Zupan and contributed to by his team, who have gained knowledge and skills in different parts of the world, Atelje boasts a fusion of flavours that brings the superb cuisine back to the people through its sophisticated preparation and an unpretentious approach. From October 2017 Atelje also boasts a new »Wine Gallery« which includes impressive 250 Slovenian and foreign etiquettes. Jorg Zupan is a master chef with a special attitude to tradition, ingredients and the world-class cuisine, which he aims to make more familiar to people at the Atelje restaurant through a relaxed atmosphere. Without any tablecloths, bow ties or gloves, without the pompous food introductions or the unrelatable know-it-all wisecrackin...

Ever considering investing in Slovenia?

  Investing in Slovenia, small and safe country, can be a smart business move, because the government is very keen of foreign investments. Slovenia attracts foreign investors with its geostrategic position in the heart of Europe, ideal to do business with other European markets, offering good infrastructure and accessibility by land, air or sea. There are fairly low corporate income taxes (second lowest among OECD members) and many economic benefits as well as business opportunities. At the time real estate market is at its high and in Slovenia foreigners can buy property fairly easy and at lower cost as most of other European countries. Slovenia is rich in natural resources and an easy location for investors who are looking to live in Slovenia, where there is high level of educated p...

Did you know how many Castles are in Slovenia?

  In Slovenia there is about five hundred picturesque castles, sitting atop as crowns to many Slovenian cities. There you can feel the history of this beautiful fairy tale country. Most of them are restored into museums,restaurants, galleries and some of them even in five star Hotels. All are evidence of Slovenian rich history. Slovenian top five castles we recommend for you to visit are • Ljubljana Castle, a powerful medieval fortress that dominates the skyline of Slovenia’s capital city and offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the whole city. • Bled Castle that stands on a steep cliff above Lake Bled .The image of Bled castle above the lake, with its romantic little island and church, is a classic view of Bled that is recognised as one of the most beautiful lakes in the World. ...

Dental Lukanovič

  BetterLifestyle recommends to our clients the superb dental care provided by Dr. Lukanovič. His surgery provides exceptionally thorough dental cleaning which he will advise you to take advantage of once or twice annually. Dr. Lukanovič’s equipment is state of the art and his emphasis on the gentlest of approaches will achieve the best of results. Healthy and aesthetically impressive outcomes are achieved simply and with speed. Let your smile light up the world! Take advantage of his special offer of €70 for a dental cleaning and complete check, valid until 31st May 2018. Tel. 00 386 1 519 87 93 Foto: Matej Kastelic, BetterliLifestyle

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS: Pioneer of a new design idiom

  In 2004, with the CLS, Mercedes-Benz created a new vehicle segment that for the first time combined the elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a saloon. With the third generation of the CLS, Mercedes-Benz is now building more strongly than ever on the aura and unique character of this trendsetting model: the new model has pure CLS genes with its arching waistline, flat side window lines and low greenhouse. At the same time it is another example of the logical evolution of the Sensual Purity design idiom: sharp edges and lines have been significantly reduced. It blends seamlessly into the current Mercedes-Benz coupé family with numerous design features.

Why is Ljubljana one of the most popular European weekend destinations?

  Stretch back & relax is a motto of our Ljubljana. It is easy to travel to Slovenia, since it has road, air and train connection to all major EU capitals. And airoport is only 30 minutes drive from Ljubljana. Due to its small size of only around 300,000 population and compact city centre, Ljubljana is a walking and environmentally friendly city. It has one of the best-preserved Baroque quarters in Central Europe that blends harmoniously with the younger Art Nouveau style. And it was blessed with the talent of Jože Plečnik, who, between the two World Wars, created the cosmopolitan image of Ljubljana with his eclectic architecture. The young and dynamic spirit of the Slovenian capital often stuns first-time visitors. No wonder, since almost one quater out of city population are uni...

Ljubljana Castle, a Unique View of the City

  At the Ljubljana Castle, you can experience history in the twelve-minute projection Virtual Castle, at the permanent exhibitions Slovenian History, The Penitentiary and iLjubljana, at the Museum of Puppetry, on the illustrative guided tours “Time Machine – From Emona to a City Symbol” and “Behind Bars – The History of Punishment at the Ljubljana Castle”, through the audio guide system or the mobile application Nexto, or on any of the other guided tours through the Ljubljana Castle. You can even save a dragon in the fun adventure game Escape Castle. Every day of the year, you can ascend from the very centre of the city to the Castle Hill on the panoramic funicular railway in just one minute. The most beautiful view of the city and its wider surroundings opens up from the Viewing Towe...

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