Better Lifestyle Event; XYZ


Fashion event at the premier luxury fashion store XYZ City Park Ljubljana on 18th November 2016..

Gynaecology for all the ages


An absorbing and endlessly interesting presentation from Prim.Dr Darija Strah. She kept us captivated throughout, informing…

Max&Co and Rebecca


Last Thursday we spent a terrific evening with Max&Co and Rebecca. A big thank you to both famous labels for sponsoring the event and we hope they found the evening as enjoyable as we did.

Maxi Guerlain


Maximarket presentation of Guerlain’s spring make-up trends, also introducing the new Mon Guerlain fragrance inspired by Angelina Jolie. Better Lifestyle thanks everyone who attended and is delighted that so many took up the offer of the complementary makeover afterwards.

Coctail Night


Coctail Night in Kavarna Lounge Zvezda at Hotel Slon

Dr. Peter Zorman

An Evening with Dr. Peter Zorman, Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon
We talked about Facial Rejuvenation procedures
Betterlifestyle Team
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