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Telemach has a NEW application – EON CONNECT!

Telemach has a NEW application – EON CONNECT!


Time to sleep and the kids still on the internet?

Stop the internet in your home network ANYTIME YOU WANT with the new EON Connect app!
Take control into your own hands and disable the use of the home network at night or. set the sleep time.

For the safety of children online
Protect children from dangerous and inappropriate content when accessing the Internet at home with the EON Connect application.

Stop or disable Internet access.
When you want, you can shut down the internet for a set period of time.
With the EON Connect app, you have complete control, as you can, among other things, disable internet access at night and set a time to sleep.

Manage your home internet with one click

Manage user profiles with EON Connect
You can control all smart devices in your home network with user profiles.

Data is important – don’t let anyone take control over it
Use the internet without worries, as EON Connect protects data.
Prevents malware, spam and phishing attacks for stealing confidential information (username, password, credit card number) and protects devices from suspicious programs and malicious content.

Included in EON Full and Premium packages
New users can take advantage of the campaign and pay only half the subscription for 1 year. Select the EON Full or Premium package and use the EON Connect application.

More about the application on the website >> CLICK HERE <<

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