Slovenia prides itself on its superb organic gastronomyits international variety by dint of its neighbouring influences, and the acclaimed purity and excellence of its farmland and agriculture.

You may be trying to find a specific style of restaurant in a particular town or region, or perhaps a catering company for home or work, or you may be seeking to book an agritourism week in an area of glorious countryside with exceptional cuts of fresh and cured meats, cheeses of the highest reputation, all served with vegetables and fruits which actually taste as they have done for centuries, harvested at their ripest.

Alternatively, you might be looking for something as simple as the best coffee and pastries in town, or the best delicatessen – whichever it is, come to Betterlifestyle and short-circuit the trial-and-error which could cost you unwelcome expenditure for something that didn’t quite hit the spot.


Zvezda Café, Bistro, Deli

Are you planning a celebration that you wish to commemorate with your loved-ones? Good company and good food is all you really need at such events. We will glad...


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