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Get everything you need from Telecommunication operator Telemach – Our new Partner

With the best offering on the market, constant customer care and ongoing investments in technological innovation, we provide the highest quality services to numerous home and business users across Slovenia. Get your television, internet access and fixed and mobile voice communications from Telemach. We’ll take care of the rest. 1.TV Enjoy the most popular TV channels anywhere in your home. No movie theatre has seats as comfortable as your living room couch and we’ll make sure that the moments you spend in it are as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. With EON Smart Box, Telemach launched the TV of the future that runs on its GIGA network. You can enjoy it by subscribing to one of the updated EON LIGHT, EON FULL and EON PREMIUM bundles. EON bundles offer the largest number of TV channels in...

Residential and business moving company, Selitve.si

The moving company SELITVE.SI specializes in small deliveries and in-town door-to-door transports as well as international residential and business moves. Along with comprehensive turn-key moving solutions, they also provide rentals of vehicles and moving equipment. SELITVE.SI pays great attention to the wishes of its customers and provides the most favourable moving solutions tailored to you.

Insurance Company VZAJEMNA, D.V.Z.

  WHY CHOOSE VZAJEMNA, D.V.Z. Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica, d.v.z., is the largest specialised insurance company in Slovenia, with many years of experience in health insurance. Although our mutuality-based form of organisation is regarded as unique in Slovenia, it is common within the wider European environment. It is founded on solidarity and intergenerational cooperation, both of which are especially important at the present time. Vzajemna takes care of your health security and offers a comprehensive range of health and accident insurance products. Our free-of-charge programme Varuh zdravja enables prevention activities for our insurance holders to promote health and encourage the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Programme members can avail themselves of numerous services and b...