Zvezdana Radulović
Nikolina Dragičević
Neža Dular

My name is Zvezdana Radulović. I was born and raised in Ljubljana.
However, similar to you, my life took me to live in different cities. I lived in Singapore and Abu Dhabi – both very different and offering challenges for me.

How do I settle my family with the least worries and tension possible? It’s more difficult when you don’t speak the local language. I often wished I had someone, a friend, with that knowledge that I needed of Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Now I am home and moving in diplomatic circles, my daughters are in International schools, I see others trying to settle into Ljubljana – facing the same challenges I faced.

“Better Lifestyle” can help you. We can be that “friend” for you who knows many things you need to know to make your move to Ljubljana absolutely without stress or tension. I am speaking as someone who was in your place. Welcome in Slovenia!

I am Nikolina Dragičević. I have lived in Ljubljana for 10 years.
I spent much of my childhood in this beautiful city visiting friends and family.

I studied Economics at the University of Ljubljana and graduated with  Bachelor of Economics. I have always worked with people and especially enjoy interacting within international and multicultural settings. I find it exciting working with people from different countries and cultures and think the interaction of people who come to stay for a while in Ljubljana, and those who come from Ljubljana is valuable for both groups.

I enjoy travelling and feel honoured to be part of the “Better Lifestyle team who are devoted to making Ljubljana feel like home to you and your family.

Ira Mašič is an Attorney at Law in Ljubljana with extensive experience in the field of civil law – labor, commercial and corporate, contract, property, immigration, real estate, enforcement, inheritance and family law. She believes in effective legal solutions with a personal approach.

As a former International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme student, she knows that the life of a foreigner in Slovenia can be better with help of local professionals.

More about Ira Mašič:

I believe “Better Lifestyle” is the right choice to make your shift to Ljubljana as pleasant as possible.

A mother of two, business person and a lifelong learner, for the past 15 years I have worked in social protocols and performance engineering. I have travelled extensively and had the opportunity to work with foreign companies and interesting people from different cultures. I love the Better Lifestyle project, because I think this is exactly what our beautiful hometown of Ljubljana needed. With a fresh energy, this team of enthusiastic professionals are here to help families and individuals feel more at home and welcomed when they step into a foreign country.

Our team are enthusiastic, professional locals who have lived abroad extensively and have experience in the international and diplomatic environment. Each is passionate about Ljubljana and has experienced that ‘jolt’ which settling into a new city always holds for individuals and families.Contact us on email: