Zvezda Café, Bistro, Deli

Are you planning a celebration that you wish to commemorate with your loved-ones? Good company and good food is all you really need at such events. We will gladly take care of the latter. Our chefs are true artists when it comes to canapés, finger food, home-made specialities and amazing pastries to highlight just a few of the dishes the Bistro has to offer.  

Grand Union Café

A popular choice for anyone who loves special little treats such as Turkish coffee served from cezve pots, the house-made pies and cakes, the Wine Library with over 170 types of wines and a peaceful setting. The tranquil character of the Grand Hotel Union Café, whose wide range of sweet treats makes it an excellent place for get-togethers and meetings, is in the evenings imbued with vibrancy and the energy of special experiences. It is transformed into a centre of experiences, discussions, acoustic concerts and dances. The latest addition to what the café has to offer is a wide range of events called ‘reUnions ‘ intended for all guests who like experiencing the uniqueness, exclusiveness, variety and little surprises in a cosy café atmosphere and in good company.