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Complete business support

We are a leading company in offering complete business support to foreign companies/foreign owners who want to integrate to EU or Slovenian market. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that foreign owners or employees need a residence permit in Slovenia therefore we look forward to helping you with obtaining work and residence permits and help with enrolment in the University and arranging visas / residence permits for students where needed. For more information please send us an email to: support@betterlifestyle.eu

Private Banking at ABANKA – Professional and comprehensive management of your assets

  Your needs for the advice of a professional who understands your financial goals and wishes likely grow together with the value of your assets. Our private banking services are intended for those who expect and demand more, and for those whose time is extremely valuable. Through its individual and comprehensive approach, professionalism and discretion, Abanka ensures that your financial transactions are in order and that the value of your private assets grows. A private banker is at your disposal at all times, including outside the bank’s regular business hours. Where you meet with your private banker is at your discretion. Our experienced private bankers plan an investment strategy that will preserve or increase the value of your assets. They monitor the implementation of that stra...

Neža Dular – lawyer

Mag. Neža Dular deals with civil law, in particular contract law and tort law, family, inheritance, property law, land law, labor and social law.