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Proven winner: Telemach has the best mobile network in Slovenia!

Proven winner:  Telemach has the best mobile network in Slovenia!

The independent international company Umlaut (till year 2019 the company was better known as P3) conducted tests on all Slovenian networks on the Slovenian market and declared the winner. Are you interested in their research results?

They chose user experience as a key item in their metrics. Tests have shown that Telemach has the best network in terms of user experience in both mobile and fixed services. Final results are not surprising since Telemach has long been known as a provider of fixed Internet and television services and has been considered as the fastest growing mobile operator in Slovenia ever since the launch of the MORE Family mobile package in year 2015. In past few years they invested more than € 100 million in the development of their mobile network, increased the number of base stations by 50% and covered 97% of the Slovenian population with LTE-Advanced or 4G + network.

How Telemach as company comments the latest success?

»The certificate is a validation of our work in last past years and all efforts to become the best. We have excellent technology, ready for the challenges of the future and further development. Our network is reliable and powerful and provides the best LTE coverage. « says Adrian Ježina, Telemach CEO. Telemach already holds a 22.2% market share in the field of mobile telephony in Slovenia. In 2015, that share was 14 percent.

“Telemach, as an innovative, flexible and future-oriented technology-savvy company, is helping to transform the digital society and grow the economy in Slovenia.” added Adrian Ježina.

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