Alike Whilst so Distinctive

Seven is not a large number. However, size is relative and proportional to content. CD’s Theatre and Dance Programme selectors strive to make the content of The Magnificent 7 as rich as possible. Aiming to provide truly memorable experiences in the overwhelming deluge of daily events. L-E-V, an Israeli dance sensation run by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar since 2006, derives from the creative milieu of the Batsheva Dance Company. L-E-V rests its creative postulates on the universality of movement, the versatile ability to address diverse motifs, adopting stories, music… Grupo Corpo is back! Their diptych Dança Sinfônica and Gira provides an insight into the past, the inexhaustible indigenous dance traditions of an Amazonian country, and a look into the present, a gaze that enhances this dance –...

Špela Perc and Smart Movement for healthy spine

  Better Lifestyle hosted Smart Movement Healthy Spine Workshop in Sunny Studio, Ljubljana. Spela Perc taught us Pilates and Gyrokinesis excersices and lectured how to preserve healthy spine, while Izidor Ivanovic taught us what puts spine at risk and when to act before it is too late. After workshop we were treated with healthy snacks from Arboretum restaurant, cocktails from Goriška Brda and beautiful give away from Heaven cosmetics. Ladies had a chance to try and shop from special pop up Corpocabana sports outwear. Don’t forget that by strengthening your spine you are strengthening the core of your life and stay tuned for our next Healthy Spine workshop.