Have you ever wondered where to find the best pizza in the city centre of Ljubljana? From yesterday on you can try out a real neapolitan pizza in the heart of the city!  POP’S PIZZA & SPORT PLACE will fulfill all your pizza dreams and become one of your all time favourite spots in Ljubljana. After a successful story with hamburgers (POP’S PLACE) family Raspopović and Grega Yurkovich decided to make the most of the next great culinary trend that conquers Europe… Neapolitan pizzas! Their mission? To create another popular spot for all gourmet lovers who appreciate the best ingredients and creativity when it comes to pizzas. So, what to expect from POP’S PIZZA & SPORT? Gourmet Neapolitan Pizza with a touch of Brooklyn Style, good wine, cold raftbeer & amazing vib...

Meet a perfect place for all occasion in Ljubljana: AS APERITIVO – Our new Partner

Cosy environment, amazing food, yummy cold drinks and friendly stuff are just a few reasons why restaurant As Aperitvo is a really special place to be in Ljubljana. ❤ We highly recommend it during all 4 Seasons, from Monday to Sunday. Fact: in AS APERITIVO there is always something fun to do. Where to find As Aperitivo?   AS Aperitivo is loved by locals and known as one of the most popular spots in Ljubljana when it comes to Weekend partys and launch breaks. Restaurant is hidden between Wolfova and Slovenska streets and ever since the end of the nineties has been a pillar of Ljubljana’s culinary scene. Its unique dishes and outstanding wine list continually remind guests that some things in life are there to be truly relished. View this post on Instagram V Asu vsak dan med tednom okusna ko...

Monstera bistro by chef Bine Volčič

  It has been almost one year that we can enjoy the magnificent cuisine of one of the best known Slovenian chefs of younger generation – Bine Volčič. A former TV-chef opened a trendy “neo-bistro” called MONSTERA BISTRO in the heart of Ljubljana at Gosposka ulica 9, in a quiet pedestrian street between Kongresni trg and Križanke Open-air Theatre. Offering a fresh-market weekly menu for lunch and seasonal degustation menus of chef’s choice in the evening, the Monstera bistro can become your favourite address for a quick& tasty lunch and a treat to your taste buds in the evening, as the chef puts it: “Cooking for me is expressing emotion through taste. It’s one of the most powerful senses, we have a saying that “love goes through the stomach” – I totally believe it. My philosophy is ...

Cubo Restaurant

CUBO is a small but ambitious restaurant in Ljubljana. Many things have changed in the past ten years: we have expanded the restaurant, completely redecorated its interior, keep adding new dishes to the menu and new wines to the wine list, and became the first restaurant in Slovenia to publish its own cookbook. But the most important things remain unchanged – our passion for the restaurant, a loyal and creative team, guests who have almost changed to family friends.

Restaurant ČAD

We await your visit in a green oasis within reach of downtown Ljubljana, surrounded by wonderful nature where summers are spent in the pleasant shade of ancient chestnut trees and winters offer the warm comfort of the crackling fireplace. The essence of ČAD cuisine is the grill in its pristine form, fueled by true charcoal that gives dishes a characteristic and recognizable flavour. Pljeskavica, a juicy Balkan-style burger dressed with kajmak cream or cheese, čevapčiči minced meat sausages, foal steak, smoked grilled stripes of pork loin, Serbian salad, grilled pepper salad and prebranac baked beans are but a small sample of the traditional Čad hospitality offer that has become synonymous with excellence. Of course, there is much more.