Physiotherapy Corpus Ljubljana

…where motion turns into art and science justifies its purpose… Physiotherapy is treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness. Physiotherapists get you involved in your own recovery. Discover the mastermind behind manual treatments and 100% individual approach… Izidor Ivanović, PT, expert in manual therapies and post operational conditions With his help you will say goodbye to any kind of issues or troubles you had.  

Diagnostika Clarus – our NEW partner

Since we are always searching for the best service and offer in town we are more than happy to introduce you our new partner – DIAGNOSTIKA CLARUS. In this article you can read more about them and their offer. Diagnostika Clarus is a modern medical center located in Ljubljana. Open since 2008, we have diagnosed and treated over 100.000 patients. Our mission is comprehensive health care regarding every individual, especially in the direction of maintaining health & early prevention. We have built a network of employees and external associates of more than 30 reputable and recognized doctors. OUR PERKS: Excellent health services -everything in one place More than 30 reputable doctors No waiting periods Friendly and professional staff Cost-competitive services Easily accessible (prox...

Medical Centre Estetika Med-Art

Introducing the experts in award-winning technologies and the very best aesthetics medicine, surgery, and dermatological practices in Slovenia! Estetika Med-Art is a medical and aesthetics centre for beauty and health, providing the highest quality services, exceptional professionalism, and irreproachable discretion. They offer a diverse range of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments for rejuvenation, the elimination of various skin changes, and the treatment of certain disease conditions. This is a prestigious team of top experts with international experience and exceptional knowledge, introducing global innovations and the latest trends to the Slovenian market, for example new technologies like CoolSculpting™, Ultherapy®, VelaShape® HydraFacial, Botox, filler RadiesseÒ, and other FDA-...

Lukanovič Dental Services

  Lukanovič Dental Services is a dental center offering complete dental care and rehabilitation. Tomaž Lukanovič, DDS, who heads Lukanovič Dental Services, started his career at the Ljubljana Healthcare Center, where he obtained his first dental experience. After spending several years there, he decided to continue pursuing his path and vision at his own private dental center in Ljubljana. He invited Eneja Vovnik, DDS and David Vozlič, DDS, MD (specialization: maxillofacial surgery) to work with him, and together they created a team that is able to take on the most demanding dental rehabilitation challenges. Lukanovič Dental Services offers a full range of comprehensive patient care: from conservative periodontal procedures, gum treatment and maintenance, and endodontic procedures to ...

Physiotherapy Corpus Ljubljana

…where motion turns into art and science justifies its purpose… Yes, better motion, better joints, better spine and no pain. All of that is our mission to put you in better life. More than 15 years of experience in all fields of physiotherapy, the better manual treatments and 100% individual approach. Name it we manage it… Izidor Ivanović, PT, expert in manual therapies and post operational conditions.

Barsos Medical Centre

Expertise, professionalism, kindness and courage are the qualities that distinguish our doctors and medical staff, which today care for hundreds of patients. Barsos Medical Centre was the first private clinic in Ljubljana and so has a long tradition of excellence. We were also the first Slovenian contractor to provide health services tailored for diplomats. Barsos has enjoyed many successful years working with foreigners and our staff is fluent in English and several other languages. Our doctors are experts in their fields; many of them are acknowledged specialists and consultants at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. One of the distinct advantages of our clinic is that patients have the majority of health services and specialist examinations located in one place. Special emphasis...