Monstera bistro by chef Bine Volčič

  It has been almost one year that we can enjoy the magnificent cuisine of one of the best known Slovenian chefs of younger generation – Bine Volčič. A former TV-chef opened a trendy “neo-bistro” called MONSTERA BISTRO in the heart of Ljubljana at Gosposka ulica 9, in a quiet pedestrian street between Kongresni trg and Križanke Open-air Theatre. Offering a fresh-market weekly menu for lunch and seasonal degustation menus of chef’s choice in the evening, the Monstera bistro can become your favourite address for a quick& tasty lunch and a treat to your taste buds in the evening, as the chef puts it: “Cooking for me is expressing emotion through taste. It’s one of the most powerful senses, we have a saying that “love goes through the stomach” – I totally believe it. My philosophy is ...


  Bring to life the elegance of New Year’s Eves and count down to the New Year the way this was done back in the day. Clad in beautiful clothes, while enjoying a fine dinner in the company of live music, and the New Year countdown in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from the restaurant, where the sky glitters with thousands of tiny lights. Kindly invited to join us in Grand Hotel Union, on 31 Dec, between 7pm and 10pm.   CHOOSE WHAT YOU LIKE BEST: New Year’s Eve Menu Christmas Menu Other Events