Why Cliché Shop-Gallery should be your next favourite shopping destination?

It can be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words but in the next few sentences you will understand how fabulous and timeless a fashion brand with a meaning can be. Meet Slovenian designer Jelena Pirkmajer and her brand Cliché. ­Cliché Shop-Gallery Ljubljana-based Cliché Jelena Pirkmajer is one of the most intriguing fashion labels in the so-called ‘new Europe’. The designs are all created using a principle of FQ, or Fashion Intelligence Quotient, which promotes the longevity of forms and compatibility of pieces from new collections with previous ones. Cliché’s shop-gallery in the corner house Novi Trg 6, facing Ljubljanica river offers both collections from its own brand, as well as the complimentary accessories from international designers a...