Roundabout offer: Top Ljubljana Foods food tour

Take a walk on the tasty side of Ljubljana and wander the charming streets and squares of the capital while stopping for delicious bites of traditional Slovenian cuisine. Learn about the story of Ljubljana, its people, the architecture and history. Top Ljubljana Foods food tour will take you through the old centre of Ljubljana. During a 3-4 hour guided, slowly paced walk, you will learn about the city and its most significant attractions while tasting local and national gastronomy. Top Ljubljana Foods is certainly not your usual city tour. 9 traditional dishes from various Slovenian regions accompanied by 4 sorts of wine will be served, while learning about the local story and Slovenia in general. Armed with a full tummy and extensive knowledge of local history and cuisine, you will defini...

Bill Murray in Ljubljana / Grand Hotel Union in cooperation with Slovenia Vodka

  On Monday, 5 June, Grand Hotel Union in cooperation with Slovenia Vodka, the company which has spread the word of Slovenia and the unique drink all around the world, hosted a relaxed after-work get-together at the restaurant Atelje, currently the hippest restaurant in Ljubljana. The invited business partners enjoyed unique combinations of fresh flavours created by Atelje’s master chef, the culinary virtuoso Jorg Zupan. The one-of-a-kind dishes were perfectly paired with Slovenia Vodka, which the barman Rok Logar spiced up in a fusion of ingredients to make cocktails that impressed everyone present at the event. The icing on the cake was the exclusive guest Bill Murray, a proud ambassador of Slovenia Vodka, who had a pleasant chat with the invited guests, thus adding to a great...