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Apartment Betterlifestyle in the heart of Ljubljana

  In a completely rebuild apartment in a heart of city we have a spacious apartment in a quiet building beside everything that is worth seeing in Ljubljana...Read More

Day at a Živa Wellness Spa, Bled

  In cold December days when nights are long and days shortest, we shall be more in tune with nature, but instead we are trying to fit in those last minute...Read More

Portonovi, New luxury lifestyle destination in Montenegro

  With Montenegro increasingly proving to be the hottest new luxury lifestyle destination on the map, we have high hopes for the Adriatic coast’s biggest o...Read More

Traveling to Slovenia

  Slovenia is one of the greenest country in the midst of Europe. Natural beauty, Slovenia offers incredible mist of a land that resides on sunny side of A...Read More

ROUNDABOUT Travel your way

  We are a team of colleagues who in 2005 after 9 years of working in the tourism business decided it was time to fill a vacancy in the Slovene incoming to...Read More

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